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A viticulture class in 1994 inspired Linda and Hoot Smith to demonstrate their love of red wine by planting a vineyard for premium grapes. They chose a parcel of land that had been in the Smith family since the 1860’s.

From the first harvest in 1997, The Smith’s dream was to produce the highest quality wines from their grapes. Their dream has became a reality. Today, Linda and Hoot Smith, their sons, daughters-in-law and even their grandchildren all play an active role in Kastania’s current and future production of fine wines.

We make our wines in small lots from our premium Estate grown grapes. Our Burgundy and Bordeaux varieties are influenced by the vineyard’s distinct terrior and the maritime impact. Our passion is to produce high quality wines . We invite you to enjoy the special occasions in your life with a bottle of our exclusive handcrafted wine.